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One Small Change could lead to THOUSANDS in Business Equity

Do you fully understand how and where your company's value comes from?

Thomas Cook bio

With a background in engineering and problem solving, Thomas graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He went on to work in the automotive industry, initially in R & D and electrical design, working as a software and hardware testing and development engineer as well as an electrical architecture design engineer. Thomas went on to manufacturing as a Quality Engineering Specialist and Manager with unique experience launching a new manufacturing plant developing standards,systems and training programs to ensure successful culture at launch.

Additionally, Thomas has developed operations and quality systems and processes in logistics while interfacing with sales and Finance trams to connect supporting Manufacturing and Sales organizations to achieve company objectives.Thomas also has an M.B.A from Wayne State University.

This background has enabled Thomas to have the unique expertise and perspective to take a holistic approach to your business utilizing the people, technology, and methods to maximize its business value.  Thomas has set out on his quest to assist small and midsize business owners to reach their business goals with business value in mind, not just sales.

Thomas has partnered with Growth Concepts, LLC., which brings 30 years of experience in helping businesses build their business value and applying the principles found in the e-book “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value”, by David Whipple, founder of Growth Concepts.

Thomas resides in Lebanon, TN. He and his wife, Rebecca, have 3 children. 

Message from Thomas:

My mission is to genuinely serve you to get more equity. My core values are faith, family, commitment to building and maintaining relationships, honesty and integrity, Your business has value and I am committed to serving you by helping you maximize your business value. So let’s go!

Maximize Your Business Value!

My Business Value Experiences:

Technology: In areas of manufacturing and business analytics, my team and I have developed and implemented new technologies that are integrated with your people and processes to optimize the workflows and make visible your business conditions so you can more effectively and efficiently manage your business – most importantly, freeing up the Business owners and lead management to focus on the real value add work.

Processes: In areas of process development, my team and I have experience in developing and implementing new processes that provide simple and clear value add, not complexity.

People: most importantly, our team has experience developing people to leverage their strengths and foster autonomy, innovation, collaboration by respecting people.