“How do I increase my company’s value?” Have you asked yourself that question? Are you asking yourself that question today? At Equity Serve Pro we focus on maximizing a company’s value so you get maximum business equity. We base our advising on principles and laws of business value found in the “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value” written by David C. Whipple.

If you are a business owner and have never read this book, we highly recommend doing so for these 2 primary reasons.

1) Most Business Owners fail to build business value because they overburden themselves trying to get sales while performing the day-to-day tasks associated with running a business.

You might have a marketing plan, but is company value being considered? Most owners have a basis in accounting or sales but not business value. This often leads to selling the business with poor timing, undervaluation, laying off good employees, or even quitting. As owners get wrapped up in the many tasks, they forget the most important thing – why they have this business. Business value will manifest itself as the owner lets their vision go to work and while grounded in the principles.

2) A successful small business owner is usually assisting multiple clients over common period along with a team but knows that getting the big client is not a top priority.

An Owner that pays for new social media, new equipment, and new product development without research will soon find himself in debt and lack of customers. Without a foundation based on principles and laws of business value with a systematic proven approach, she or he will fail. The Owner must develop their business by testing their options/strategies against the principles to avoid swaying back and forth and missing the target.

Ask yourself today, what would bring $100,000s to your company’s value? “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value” will give you underlying principles and laws of business value so you can begin focusing on initiatives that will impact real business value not just sales.

Highly recommend! Check it out! And if you are in need of some guidance to help you prepare your business to sell, consider requesting a free “Looking Glass Consultation” with me to help you get the process started! I look forward to hearing from you!